Get Walking. Get Involved.

19 - 23 August 2019

You may have a few questions about how to get involved.

If we don't answer all your questions, don't hesitate to message us!

Q. How many people can be in a team?

A. 1 or more. We know there are some workplaces with one staff or volunteer, you may be self-employed or work from home, or even be a stay at home parent. Work or volunteer you can get involved.

Q. Do I have to post my photos on Facebook to get involved?

A. To be in the running for the catered lunch, yes you need to post a photo of you, or your team, or your walking environment every day of the campaign 19 - 23 August. If you don't like selfies, take a 'feetie' (although taking a photo of your feet is no mean feat). 

Q. Which platform do we use to post our daily photos. 

A. So we can see all your wonderful photos, you will need to like and follow @QueeenslandWalksIncorporated

on Facebook. 

Q. Can we post more than one photo daily?

A. Yes of course, have fun with the images, and don't forget to #walkatworkweek 

Q. Do I have to register to get involved? 

A. We strongly recommend that you do register so that we will know how many workplaces we are reaching.

If you don't register, we won't know about you! Let's stand up and be counted!

Q. Do you have walks nearby? 

A. Queensland Walks is a volunteer and unfunded member based organisation that advocates for better walking environments. We support a walking environment that is suitable if you are pushing a pram, leading a toddler, moving in a wheelchair or motorised scooter, or have low or no vision. We believe that walking infrastructure should be suitable for all ages and all abilities. 


So, whilst we don't organise walks, we are keen to connect you with the walk and path you are searching for! Walk at Work Week is a signature campaign to get Queenslanders talking about walking, walking more, and getting involved.

If you would like to know about bushwalking, contact our friends Bushwalking Queensland

Urban walks and maps to walk locally should be available through your local council. If you can't find them. Ask council.


Queensland, Australia

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