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Letter of support to CBD Bicycle User Group for in-principle support of design change to Melbourne Street bus stop:


Queensland Walks supports the inclusion of a safer separated bikeway* along Melbourne Street as part of the proposed bus stop design. A separated bikeway provides a safer walking environment for vulnerable pathway users, who are slower paced, have vision or hearing impairments, younger or older pedestrians or are moving in wheelchairs or prams.  


Queensland Walks supports a proposed design that will provide appealing infrastructure for the high volume of pedestrians in the South Brisbane and QPAC precinct, and one that will anticipate increasing volumes of pedestrian movements with the inclusion of The Metro and new developments and will provide uncluttered and a hazard-free and desirable walking environment.  


At present, the southern side of Melbourne Street footpath provides a hostile and disjointed walking environment in places narrows to barely accommodate a wheelchair, mobility scooter, or pram. Major improvements can be made to this section of footpath as part of this project, and benefits to the connection to The Metro which will result in increasing foot traffic.


ARUP and Victoria Walks in their report  The Economic Case for Investment in Walking found that ‘Investing in walking infrastructure can provide a higher economic return than other transport projects such as rail and road. Evidence from 20 different studies suggested that the benefit cost ratio of walking interventions is 13:1 – $13 of benefit for every $1 of expenditure.’

The benefit to Brisbane City Council, to residents, local business, economic development and tourism by making the precinct a pedestrian priority area will be enormous and point our city towards becoming a smart and connected city.   


*A separated bikeway may also include faster moving active mobility devices such as e-scooters.




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